Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tests prove INTERCEPTOR drastically reduces cost of PDS deployment

To explore the full capabilities of the aforementioned patent, NIS engineers recently have confirmed through testing of a simulated network that a single INTERCEPTOR port can effectively secure at least 40 end user drops. This means that a 4-port INTERCEPTOR is capable of monitoring four separate circuits or zones serving up to 160 end-user connection points.

As a result, INTERCEPTOR, priced at approximately $22,000 GSA per unit, costs less than $150 per drop to deploy, exclusive of the cabling and, if required, the hardened PDS. In some cases, the Designated Approval Authority (DAA) will permit the use of INTERCEPTOR in combination with interlocking armored cable and eliminate the requirement for hardened PDS.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

NIS awarded patent for PDS technology

NIS has been awarded a patent for dark fiber monitoring of optic cables and hub and spoke monitoring architecture. This technology enables INTERCEPTOR to uniquely use two or more dark fibers (spare, inactive) in a multi-fiber cable to protect the entire cable against intrusion. The patent also describes a technique to protect connectivity to multiple end users with a single port or zone.

Combined, these technologies make INTERCEPTOR the most cost effective PDS alternative available. (For more information, see the INTERCEPTOR Design Guide)